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Why You Should Consider Buying Travel Insurance

If you plan to travel internationally in the near future, travel insurance is a smart investment to look into to protect you from potential issues if you happen to fall ill or get into an accident while abroad. There are a few different reasons why you should consider buying travel insurance, and it’s important to understand your options.

We often work with patients who are travelling abroad and don’t have any form of travel insurance. If you experience a medical issue while abroad and have to be hospitalized, serious complications can arise that may impact your ability to travel home and receive the level of care that you need.This can quickly turn into a big problem depending on the seriousness of the condition and the level of health insurance coverage that you have.

Why You Should Consider Buying Travel Insurance

There are three different kinds of travel insurance to consider, and each covers different circumstances which we describe further below.

Why You Should Consider Buying Travel Insurance | Alicia Mascarenas

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers specific costs associated with the trip that you are taking, but not necessarily medical expenses that you may need while abroad. Things that travel insurance would cover include the cost of a cancelled flight or lost luggage. If you want to ensure that you have an adequate level of health insurance while travelling you may want to consider travel medical insurance instead of or in additional to regular travel insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance specifically covers the cost of medical treatment that you receive in another country. As with the medical insurance that you purchase coverage for in your home country, there are many different levels of coverage and options when purchasing travel medical insurance.

Learn how a patient advocate can help you navigate medical challenges while traveling.

If you have any reason to suspect that you may need medical attention during your trip, travel medical insurance may be a good idea in order to ensure that you are covered for the cost of your care and don’t end up with a large and problematic medical bill.

Medical Evacuation Services

Medical evacuation services cover for situations when you may need to be airlifted and are sometimes also called Medevac plans. Situations when medical evacuation services would be necessary would include breaking an ankle while hiking in a remote destination, sustaining an injury while out at sea, or being injured as a foreign aid worker while in another country. For these reasons, people going on a cruise, anyone traveling to a remote location, or those who often travel abroad for businesses may want to consider medical evacuation insurance. These services can be life saving in the necessary circumstances if an emergency should occur.

Travel Insurance For Those Sixty Five and Older

Many people over the age of sixty five in America are on Medicare health plans which may not provide as extensive coverage as a private health insurance plan. At the same time, people over the age of sixty five have a greater likelihood of experiencing health issues or having a chronic condition than their younger counterparts, so they are naturally more likely to experience health issues while travelling abroad.

You can read more information about travel insurance providers on the US State Department website.

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